Marine Miracle Wallpaper

Marine Miracle Wallpaper



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Google Play Description

Cute cartoon live wallpaper.
Peaceful ocean from the pages of an old fairy tales book will come alive in front of your eyes.

The auto time of the day, was averaged for all areas. The actual time of sunrise and sunset in your part of the world may be different.

- A quiet little world living its own life.
- Gentle treatment of the resources of your device.
- No advertising.
- Wallpaper requires no special permissions to run.

Difference from the unpaid version:
- opportunity to choose star colors
- additional types of islands
- opportunity to switch on three islands at once
- flexible settings regarding the position of the islands
- "Daytime" mode
- Flexible settings regarding the color of the sky
- opportunity to switch on or switch off the twinkling of the stars
- opportunity to switch on or switch off the clouds
- opportunity to switch on or switch off the sailing ship