appbackr’s customized, on-demand Insights reports give data and analysis on any Android app including Innovation, Digital Relevance, and Technical, Social, Editorial, and SDK evaluations, and its top competitors. appbackr Insights are valuable, actionable analytics for a fraction of teams’ time. Learn More

Organizing the world’s apps The app index is built with appbackr’s systematized approach to discovery. We run the most comprehensive analysis of app information, helping users discover apps like never before.

appbackr looks inside every app.

We analyze every app with proprietary privacy and performance testing to uncover possible security and functionality issues that could affect you.

We identify each app’s features and functions so users can find the right app, based on unbiased analysis that gives you more than just the developer’s description.

THE APP INDEX API The App Index API is a scalable solution for ad networks, carriers, and OEMs. Earn additional revenue with search and ads based on your users’ targeted needs and interests.

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